We demand

Map of uk 1922

The secession of Radnorshire from Powys.

A return to 1974 borders, plus Glasbury South-of-the-Wye.

Powys County Council to vacate ‘County Hall’ in Llandrindod Wells. ‘County Hall’ to be turned into the campus of the Free University of Radnorshire.

Governance of Radnorshire to be returned to its people. Ownership of the Elan Valley to be returned to the people of Radnorshire.

No to the construction of Terminal Two at Llandegley International Airport.


3 thoughts on “We demand

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  2. Surely it would also make sense to include Ceri, which rightly belongs in Radnorshire with the rest of Maelienydd?

    • An interesting point. There are a few territories along the border which have passed to and fro over time. 1974 borders would keep Radnorshire in line with the historic but now revived counties that formed Dyfed. Glasbury South-of-the- Wye has been included because one of our members lives there… to be honest, it’s not a make or break demand.

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