From the ashes


The RLF has not gone away. The RLF has been through some tough times, but we are re-grouping, and the dream of a Radnorshire will never go away. Radio Free Radnorshire is still broadcasting, and you can find a link to their latest broadcast here…



Leighton Andrews Drinks (Metaphorical) Hemlock


Today Welsh Education Minister Leighton Andrews has been forced to resign because of the issue of school closures in Wales.

More political careers will come to grief because of the nightmare that is schools policy in Wales. Are you listening, County Councillor Myfanwy Alexander, ‘portfolio holder’ for education in Powys? Are you listening, County Councillor David Jones, currently leader of Powys County Council but,  between 2004 and 2011,  chairman of education in Powys?

We at the RLF call for your resignation with immediate effect.