This is it. Really. We really mean it this time.


Right. This is the one. The RLF vexillologists were threatened with being first to the wall come the great day. Another correspondent described our Michaelmas flag as ‘Jessey’ (sic). We at the RLF (District Council) like a joke as much as the next liberation front, but enough is enough.

We have therefore sacked our new design team, and brought back the old one. This time, instead of using the colours of the Mortimers, they have used the colours of the winning side of the Battle of Bryn Glas (ie Owain Glyndwr). It should never be forgotten that the greatest victory of the Welsh over the English was fought and won on the soil of Radnorshire.

So, can we please move onto the important business of bringing about the downfall of Powys, and stop sniping about the fecking flag.

Thank you.

The RLF District Council


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