The road to Water-Break-Its-Neck

5002287888_91a191fa1d_z This is a fascinating link, from the Green Lanes Association. It shows quite clearly the incompetence of Powys County Council.

We particularly like the concluding paragraph, which could be applied to many of the doings at ‘County Hall’; it makes you wonder if the people of Powys are aware that their elected members appear not to check basic facts and seem unwilling to allow the public to directly participate in the democratic process. However, they are apparently content to give a small group of influential people free rein to needlessly spend taxpayers’ money, at a time of heavy cuts, on what appears to be a hidden agenda that runs contrary to declared policies by using expensive Barristers and dubious legal tactics.’

Powys is too big to exist.  The time is coming when the people of Radnorshire will regain a real democratic say over the running of our historic county.


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