The Flag of the RLF


Today the RLF District Council were contacted by concerned Radnorians who felt that the colour scheme carelessly chosen by the RLF design people represented the Mortimers, who had oppressed Radnorshire in the days before Powys. We at the RLFDC agree, and we have sent the old designers for political re-education, and have hired a new team to come up with a new flag.

We so love what they’ve done, and we hope it enthuses you, and strikes fear into the hearts of the Powysite oligarchs who are currently occupying Llandrindod.

The colours are taken from a Michaelmas daisy, symbolising our Archangel and Protector. The picture of Michael slaying the dragon represents traditional views of Michael, whilst the addition of our web address gives it a contempoary feel, very much in line with the demands of the RLF.


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