The Michaelmas Ultimatum


Since before the Christians came, since the time the Radnor Valley was a neolithic ritual site to rival Stonehenge in importance, St Michael has protected the people of Radnorshire.

A ring of churches built on ancient sites and dedicated to Radnorshire’s Archangel keep us safe against the powers of the night.

Powys County Council will accede to the legitimate demands of the Radnorshire Liberation Front by Michaelmas, September 29th 2013, or St. Michael’s aid will be invoked.

RLF District Council


2 thoughts on “The Michaelmas Ultimatum

  1. Please stop using the colours of the Mortimer family to represent our county. Thank you.
    Peidiwch â defnyddio lliwiau y teulu Mortimer er mwyn cynrychioli ein sir. Diolch.

    • Rob, thank you for this. Our armorial expertise is lacking, we admit that. We at the RLF certainly have no wish to perpetrate the memory of the Norman conquerors. A new livery, based on the colours of the michaelmas daisy is under construction.

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