From the ashes


The RLF has not gone away. The RLF has been through some tough times, but we are re-grouping, and the dream of a Radnorshire will never go away. Radio Free Radnorshire is still broadcasting, and you can find a link to their latest broadcast here…



Abolish the smug smirk from David Jones’ face.

ImageThis is the ‘Leader’ of Powys County Council, David Jones. He was in the news today calling for the abolition of the National Parks Authorities in Wales. He says there should be less planning authorities in Wales.

Who woulld you trust? The National Parks? Or the morally bankrupt regime in Llandrindod?

Lets get rid of one of the planning authorities; the one led by this smirking half-wit.

Radio Free Radnorshire

ImageAnother must hear broadcast by our friends at Radio Free Radnorshire. In order to hear Spreaker properly, you have to do all sorts of technical buggering about. We here at the RLF are too involved with the campaign to end the hegemony of Powys to learn how to do this properly, but one of our supporters links to it via his blog here, and you can also follow the station by clicking on the link on our Comrades blog roll. It’s mostly pop music, but it is free, Radnorian, and they do have a go at Powys from time to time…

That’s when good neighbours become…

ImageThe RLF District Council have been preparing a mail shot this evening, which is to go to the homes of all nine members of Powys County Council’s ‘Cabinet’.

A big place, Powys. The largest local authority by geographical size in England and Wales. From Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant in the north to Ystradgynlais in the south is 110 miles, (and about a three hour drive). From Machynlleth in the west to Presteigne in the East is about 61 miles, (and about an hour and forty minutes to drive).

You might imagine that the nine members of Powys CC cabinet would come from all across this vast ‘county.’ Odd then, that five of them have SY21 or SY22 postcodes, and all live within a twenty minute drive from one another. Handy for a car share into Llandrindod, I guess.

Leighton Andrews Drinks (Metaphorical) Hemlock


Today Welsh Education Minister Leighton Andrews has been forced to resign because of the issue of school closures in Wales.

More political careers will come to grief because of the nightmare that is schools policy in Wales. Are you listening, County Councillor Myfanwy Alexander, ‘portfolio holder’ for education in Powys? Are you listening, County Councillor David Jones, currently leader of Powys County Council but,  between 2004 and 2011,  chairman of education in Powys?

We at the RLF call for your resignation with immediate effect.